Weekly Twelve Barbie Sheroes

Barbie has been criticized for encouraged an unhealthy body image. But one of its Sheroes is what plus-sized model, who prefers to be known as curvy? (First and last name, spelling counts)

Daily Dozen:

Question No: 1
It's almost certain that when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he flubbed his big line. What word did he leave out of the famous phrase, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"?

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Today's Daily Dozen High Scores

Hasmort 100%
lmweeks 100%
Bill Shields 92%
4 freebird 92%
5 GaryG 92%
6 Brougham A 83%
7 Abyssal_Malison 83%
8 cab77 83%
9 Andy Wetmore 83%
10 kevmbenn 75%
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