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2024 Election - Vote Now

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  • The winners of Jeopardy's other tournaments are invited to the Tournament of Champions. Teacher's Tournament winner Burnett is the only one to also win the ToC. He has been regularly invited back to play in the show's all-star events, becoming a semi-finalist in the Battle of the Decades, a third-place finisher in the 2019 team event and an invitee to the Jeopardy Invitational Tournament. A quiz bowl player and moderator at more than three dozen national championship tournaments, he even represented humanity on a team that tied a quiz bowl computer.
  • Los Lobos set a world record with a staggering run of more than 500 appearances, lasting more than two years on the Spanish quiz show ¡Boom! During that time, they set another record when they won €6 million. (An original member of the team, José Pinto, withdrew for family reasons and was replaced by Sanfrutos midway through their run. Sanfrutos had been on Sabar y Ganar 62 times, the very show on which the founding Wolves met each other.)
  • Goodgold coined the idea of "trivia" in the modern sense in a Columbia Daily Spectator column in 1965, warning later against attempts "to confuse the flower of trivia with the weed of minutiae." At the time, boomer college students would trade nostalgic questions about pop culture. This inspired him and Carlinsky to launch the first radio trivia contest, also at Columbia. They then wrote two trivia books, including a New York Times bestseller. And Goodgold's band, Sha-Na-Na, played at Woodstock.
  • In the 1990s, You Don't Know Jack was synonymous with CD-ROM trivia games and for most of those games the star was Cookie, voiced by Gottlieb. Unlike just about everything else in the trivia world at the time, the game was funny, irreverent and aimed at a (then) young Gen X audience. It has since expanded to other formats, notably the Jackbox Party Pack, and Gottlieb was also the announcer for the short-lived You Don't Know Jack TV show in 2001.
  • During the pandemic, Jackson founded the Mimir’s Well Quiz League with Goldman and George Charlson. This format proved monumentally influential and spread internationally. Jackson has finished as high as second in the World Quizzing Championship and has even written for Mastermind. Goldman, meanwhile, is one of the few people to have won both University Challenge and Only Connect.
  • I've started, so I'll finish. Born in Iceland, Magnus Magnusson spent most of his life in Scotland. Originally a BBC journalist, he rose to fame as the host of the BBC1’s Mastermind for 25 years, from 1972 to 1997. Like Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek, he often appeared as himself as the host of Mastermind on other TV series. And, fittingly, he and Trebek are the namesakes of the trophy awarded to the transatlantic Online Quiz League champion.
  • Mulky, WingCo to his friends, was one of the eight quiz enthusiasts who founded the Karnataka Quiz Association in 1983. He also single-handedly set up the school, college and open circuits in and around Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), which made the city the Quiz Capital of India. KQA runs Mahaquizzer and the top Mahaquizzer scorer wins the Mulky Trophy for Quizzing Excellence, presented at ASKQANCE, the KQA Anniversary Open Quiz Festival. His model of small, regularly held events on a wide range of topics still influences quizzing in Karnataka, and KQA remains a not-for-profit to this day, as he wanted it.
  • Yogesh Raut was a quizbowl powerhouse, is a dominant participant in LearnedLeague, and was part of Team USA that won the Quizzing World Cup. His teams have won Geek Bowl (twice) and Chicago Open Trash. He runs the fact-based blog The Wronger Box and the successful quizzing podcast Recreational Thinking. He made it to several Mimir’s Well finals in a row and captained a Connections OQL team to the world championship. He regularly writes OQL and Pop Solos friendlies as well as his trademark Super Hard Quizzes. And in 2024, he won the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.
  • The Advocate called Roach “the most successful Gen Z Jeopardy! contestant in history” and “the top Canadian contestant ever.” They won US$560,983 over the course of 23 straight regular season victories. That puts Roach sixth in total regular season earnings and fifth in total regular season wins, as of March 2024. They also finished second in the first Jeopardy Masters Tournament, where Roach was the youngest competitor and in so doing, earned a place in the second one, which airs approximately around the same time as this vote.
  • Originally a journalist, Robinson is best known for hosting The Weakest Link on BBC for 12 years, and for a year on NBC. She was famous for her grim demeanour and caustic dismissals of eliminated contestants. In 2021, she took over Countdown. In 2020, the show returned to the US, with a new version hosted by Jane Lynch, who got to torment one contestant in particular who failed to answer correctly a question for which Lynch herself was the answer.
  • Possibly the greatest player University Challenge has ever had, Trimble was called the Human Google as captain of the 2009 Corpus Christi team, answering two-thirds of all her team’s questions. In the quarter finals, she amassed a record 15 starters-for-10, defeating Exeter University 350 to 15 in one of the most lop-sided UC matches ever. The only thing that could stop her was a technicality: the team was disqualified because one of its members had already left the college while the series was being filmed.

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