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    Some GE College Bowl moments stand out, like the 1966 match between Agnes Scott College and reigning champion Princeton. With less than two minutes remaining, Agnes Scott was behind 185-130. But they rallied, and Betty Butler got what would be the last toss-up. Princeton was still ahead 215-200. The bonus was read: "For twenty points, what were Balmung and Durandal?" Karen Gearreald quickly and correctly answered “swords.” She was blind and could not see the clock, but the buzzer sounded and they beat the men of Princeton 220-215. Unlike many great quiz bowl moments of the past, this one survives on YouTube.

  • He is perhaps India's most important quizzing personality. In addition to hosting numerous quiz shows in India, including Quiz Time, Mastermind India and University Challenge, Siddhartha Basu also produced and directed India's version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Kaun Banega Crorepati, which became one of the country's highest rated shows. He is also the founder of Tree of Knowledge, which combines interactive edutainment events, e-learning, gaming and publishing.

  • The 1950s quiz show scandal meant the format was still considered radioactive in 1964, when singer Merv Griffin had an idea for a quiz show in reverse, where contestants would get an answer — like "5280" — and have to provide the question — "How many feet are in a mile?" This became Jeopardy!, hosted originally by Art Fleming, and later revived with Alex Trebek. It became the quintessential game show and has brought trivia-as-entertainment to the masses five days a week for decades.

  • The Chase is a UK TV phenomenon, and a lot of that has to do with Mark Labbett, a former rugby player who intimidates contestants with both his physical size and the casual breadth of his knowledge. On The Chase in the United States, Labbett was the sole foe of contestants and faced some of America’s heaviest trivia hitters, anchoring the program as The Beast. Before all this, he was a staple on British trivia shows, appearing twice on Mastermind and on a winning team in Only Connect.

  • A string of wins on the HQ app got Paul Paquet national media exposure and a job writing for the company. He also wrote the nationally syndicated Trivia Bits column for seven years. Paquet has also contributed paid content for TV quiz shows, Trivial Pursuit, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, QuizUp, Qrank, the World Quizzing Championship and World Trivia Night. Currently, he is the Reader's Digest trivia columnist and runs events at the Trivia Championships of North America.

  • When he was nearly 70 years old, Regis Philbin became a game show icon. But he wasn't just the host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, nor just the man whose charm made the show a cultural touchstone in the 2000s. If it weren't for him lobbying for it, the show may not have aired in the US at all. And if it hadn't, the entire trivia subculture and game show renaissance that emerged in its wake might never have happened.

*Paquet's name was put forward by a player of his online games. Since he operates triviahalloffame.com, he recused himself from the nominating committee that decided to include him. All votes will be tabulated by a neutral third party.

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