Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my scores registered in

A: Log in to create an account and play the Daily Dozen. Your scores are tracked for the day you play, as well as for your career stats in each of 8 categories. So, if you’re better at science than pop culture, you can see that. And you can compare your scores against your friend.

Q: How do I log in?

A: Click the blue word “Login” in the upper right hand corner of the page. Make sure you have your cookies enabled. If you haven’t got an account yet, hit “Register.”

Q: How do I create an account?

In the dark blue box in the upper right hand corner of the homepage, you will see the word “Register.” Click on this and then just follow the steps. Your username at the site will be the username you enter. You have to enter a username, an email address, and both a security question and a security answer. The security question and answer are there in case you lose your password, so make sure it is a question you can answer. Everything else is voluntary and we have a rigorous privacy policy. The default setting will send you an email every week when a new Weekly Twelve is online. Make sure you have your cookies enabled when you create an account.

Q: I lost my password! How do I get it back?

No problem. In the dark blue box in the upper right hand corner of the homepage, you will see “Forgot your password.” Simply click on that. A security question will come up. This is the question you entered when you created an account. Simply answer the question and your email address will be sent to you.

Q: How private is the information I send you?

See our privacy statement

Q: What is the difference between the Daily Dozen and Weekly Twelve

The Daily Dozen is 12 fast, fun questions every day, on a mix of subjects. And you need to get through them in just five minutes. You can the top scores every day, compare your results against your friends’ results, and track your progress over time in eight categories. You have to log in to play. The Weekly Twelve is a weekly game that is open to anybody. You don’t have to log in and you can take your time. Every week, it’s a new subject, and you get more information about the answers. It’s a way to learn more about something new each week.

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Shonzie33 75%
tidytalker 67%
Monalizza 58%
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