TRIVIA: New Year, New Server

Posted: 2012-01-02 01:13:46

So, we have a new year and a new server, and we're still working out some bugs. One of them is that hardly anybody got to see the game on "Today's Country Music," which launched just before the holiday turnover. So, we're holding it over one more week and then on to new stuff.

Also, check out the new "weekly winners" feature for the Daily Dozen!

The 7 Day Cumulative Daily Dozen High Scores

cjdp326 98%
jmaster1999 95%
mryder 93%
alicat78 92%
bernets 92%
boson 92%
Bill Shields 91%
Minstrel Boy 88%
DougMcLeod 86%
opqr 85%

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