TRIVIA: Super Bowl Memories

Posted: 2012-01-16 01:09:02

Join us at for 12 new question on the Super Bowl.

TRIVIA NIGHT ON "THE OFFICE": Last week's episode of The Office involved a pub trivia night at a gay bar in Philadelphia. Whomever wrote the episode had probably been to a few of these nights. A lot of the small details felt right. Vert funny.

TO BEAT: I'd say you're looking for 30% if you're not a football fan but 85% if you are.

LAST WEEK: We asked about the imaginary person inventedat the University of Waterloo to justify the capital L in litre. This was Claude Litre, who supposedly proposed the unit, a hoax that was accidentally printed as fact in the IUPAC journal Chemistry International, and subsequently retracted.

ERRATA: Yogest Raut set us right on a couple of things (Adaptation didn't win Nic Cage an Oscar; lonelygirl15 probably wasn't guerrilla marketing for a TV series) and Bill Penrose cleaned up things generally.

The 7 Day Cumulative Daily Dozen High Scores

TomKBaltimore 100%
MCrayden 96%
jmaster1999 95%
Doug Warner 93%
Annie Kenny 92%
bunnygod888 92%
blaublau 92%
Spiny Norman 92%
Einstein217 92%
mryder 91%

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