Photo gallery.

Many of these also exist in higher resolution, for media use. We haven’t updated this page in 20 years. Sorry.

Serious pictures

  • We took these shots in a park in the late 1990s, near what was then our Sandy Hill home in Ottawa. (If you want to think of us as a serious company staffed by grim-minded professionals, these are the pictures you should look at. The rest of the pictures after these two contain what is probably a dangerous amount of whimsy.)
  • Paul Paquet. This was taken just before I grew a terrible goatee.
  • Laura Paquet. I'm quite proud of this one, and it has run in other articles on Laura.

Trivia-related pictures

  • This is a shot of me in 2002, taking a decisive stand while co-judging the provincial championships of Reach for the Top, a high school trivia competition broadcast on TVO. We also have a picture of the champion team I coached at Lisgar Collegiate, as well as of the the special Reach alumni game he ran in 2004.
  • This is an example of Paul's trivia hosting. He did a team-building party for the Office of the Auditor General, shown here in 2004. They had a blast, using Jeopardy style buzzers. He's also hosted for teachers, lawyers and engineers. Why not have us do your party, too?
  • In 2004, Laura appeared on Jeopardy. This is Laura and Alex Trebek.
  • Our squad, the Plush Toy of Darkness, prevails at the 2004 Ottawa Irish Trivia League Also pictured are several unknown Irishmen, Jeff Kelm, Laura Paquet and Andrew Jeacle's sleeve.
  • This is the Plush Toy of Darkness, official mascot of trivia teams. Actually, the real PToD prefers not to be photographed, so I let the Arcane Master of all Knowledge be chillin' in dark Ry'leh.
  • I also play NTN, alternating between Puzzles and the New Edinburgh. In about 2002, the New Edinburgh folks were at a different pub, and came out #1 in Showdown one Tuesday.
  • Here I am in 2004, when I added the 15,000th question to our database of trivia questions, which are available for parties, Web sites, publications and more. Note how messy the desk is? This is also the image that convinced me it was time to give South Beach a try. Lost 14 pounds in the first 15 days.

Barley Mow pictures

  • In 2002, Global News did a story on our game at the Barley Mow. The reporter found us accidentally while surfing for porn sites. True story.
  • In 2004, Canadian political icon Ed Broadbent dropped by the Mow and asked some questions. For those of you who are American, this is a little like having pints with Ralph Nader.
  • Here are James' Posse, the most successful team (but just barely) in Barley Mow history. Or is that, just barley is Barely Mow history?

World Trivia Night pictures

Trivia celebrities

  • At the 2003 Game Show Congress, I ran into Kevin Olmstead, who won a record $2.1 million on "Millionaire." He is the closest thing to a trivia celebrity we have. He was very nice. He also let me interview him.
  • Also at the Game Show Congress, I met Brian Weikle, who won a record amount of "Jeopardy" money before they retired the idea of five-day champions. He still holds the one-day record. He was very grumpy.


  • The arch-crime of Web design is to include pictures of your cats. Bah! I laugh at the Man and his Rules. Besides, when I included these pix on my corporate site, they became an unexpected hit, generating more positive comment than anything else.
  • Winston (the alpha cat)
  • Basil (the oppressed cat)
  • Basil and Winston (not fighting, either)
  • Cecil aka the Widget, aka "I'm Cecil, damnit!", the putative "baby" of the family