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We're back!

This list is as of April 2024. Please visit the Ottawa Trivia League page on Facebook for more current information.

Since 1998, we've been running pub trivia nights in Ottawa. Some teams have been playing for years. After years of "standing room only," in 2006, we expanded from the Barley Mow Pub to Royal Oak Pubs. Questions cover everything from science to pop culture to history to general weirdness and much more.

You can play in teams (four or five seems to be the best team size). It's free to play, plus, there is a prize for each night's winner in each bar, as well as a trophy for the top team anywhere in Ottawa, at the end of the 10-week season. You can play any week you like! Since it's the same game everywhere in a given week, you can shop around, finding the locale that's best for you. Note crowded locations are tough to get into, so arrive early.

Our format works like this:

  • 11 multiple choice questions
  • 5 "sound byte" questions, typically music clips
  • Quickies: 9 "fill in the blank" questions
  • 11 open ended questions
  • Mini-theme: 5 questions on a given theme
  • Box of Trivia: questions from a rotating set of games
  • Fox Hunt: up to three guesses
  • Number Question (also a tiebreaker)
  • Picture This: ID the pictures
  • Wild Card: works a bit like Final Jeopardy
  • Rush Round: the sooner you know, the more points you get