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Secret Stuff: Trivia on Trivia

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Use trivia to improve your love life!

Maxim magazine is targetted to hormonal 20-year-old men with the attention span of fruit-flies. The March 1999 issue, however, shows trivia whizzes how to put their brainpower to use where it counts ... picking up girls.

Here's what you do. Get a deck of cards from a trivia board game. Trivial Pursuit will do, especially one of the later editions, where most of the answers are right. Get a buddy and go to a bar. Approach two (or more) attractive people of the opposite sex (or of the same sex, if it's that kind of bar).

"I tell you what," you say. "If you can answer any of these questions, my buddy and I will buy drinks for all of you."

Is your goal here to stump your newfound friends? Of course not, you dummy. The idea is for them to get one (or more) right, so you "have" to buy them the drinks you wanted to buy them in the first place. So make sure that you have categories of questions your target audience is likely to answer, and scoff at at the ridiculous difficulty of any questions they miss.

Of course, along the way you're learning about your new friends, as each question suggest topics of conversation. Plus, in your hands you hold the instant solution to all those awkward pauses. Just read another question.

As Bryan Redfield explained to Maxim, "A game like this says that you are interested in her brain, not just her body parts." And he'd know. Redfield wrote A Bartender's Guide on How to Pick Up Women.

Good luck. Let us know how it works.

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